Call me Enny.

I wouldn't consider myself a photographer I'd call myself a creative, and photography is one way I use to express my creativity.

The energy that comes with a wedding filled with love and emotion is my favorite, I love looking for the story, creating the story, and enhancing the story - wedding photography grants me access to an unlimited story in a gathering where the foundation of it is love.

I love watching and breaking down movies, if I could do it for a living apart from photography I would. Let me not get started on how much I enjoy anime cause we can discuss SO much about anime.


Photography to me is the best thing ever, almost like my third eye.

I'm drawn to photography and how this beautifully crafted man-made eye, manages to capture such precious moments.

I'm captivated by how you tell a story, how the story connects to the audience, how you reveal the story, I fell in love with. I enjoyed it a lot which brought me to this path.

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